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How to setup django | django installation ubuntu

Introduction to Django 1.     High level web framework 1.     Basic modules, classes, and tools to quickly develop and deploy web apps 2.     Contains an ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) that allows for the use of standard Python language syntax when interfacing with a back-end database. 1.     Developer need not learn SQL, DDL, etc! 3.     Provides a template framework that allows HTML, XML, and other “documents” to be converted into “templates”, which can then be converted to “output” via a wide range of substitution techniques. 4.     Elegant URL support (fancy, beautiful URL's, no “?blah=blah”, etc.) 5.     Multi-lingual 2.     Fast and easy to use, robust, flexible, and lots of contributed components available! 1.     Built in administrative interface to manage data models. 2.     Built-in authentication/access control components 3.     Contributed Installing & Configuring Django Components 1.     Django can be downloaded from http://w
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Grouped CheckboxSelectMultiple in Django template

from itertools import groupby from django import forms from django . forms . models import ModelChoiceIterator , ModelMultipleChoiceField from . models import Feature , Widget class GroupedModelMultipleChoiceField ( ModelMultipleChoiceField ): def __init__ ( self , group_by_field , group_label = None , * args , ** kwargs ): """ ``group_by_field`` is the name of a field on the model ``group_label`` is a function to return a label for each choice group """ super ( GroupedModelMultipleChoiceField , self ). __init__ (* args , ** kwargs ) self . group_by_field = group_by_field if group_label is None : self . group_label = lambda group : group else : self . group_label = group_label def _get_choices ( self ): if hasattr ( self , '_choices' ): return self . _choices return GroupedModelCho